Amaravathi To Meet The Fate Of Panama Scam

With no respect for the legal system and no responsibility towards the people who voted for them, the ruling party leaders seem to be oriented towards only enjoying the power while it is there and earn money enough for multiple generations to come. They seem to care least about doing good to the people who elected them. Following the steps of their leader Chandrababu and quitting honour, ignoring the caution of the opposition party and the courts and the disgusted people, the yellow party leaders are keeping themselves busy, bagging crores of rupees. This indicates the devastated state of the governance going on in AP.

Amaravathi's responsibility in the hands of companies involved in ‘Panama scam'
Already, 33,000 acres have been snatched from farmers in the name of construction of capital city at Amaravathi. The Government also offered a deaf ear to the courts' suggestion against the employment of Swiss Challenge system. No answer has been given to the courts' questioning about the benefit that the ruling party would get from using the system. Farmers lands are being given away to corporate companies like their own property.

Only grave stones are appearing in the 'international level' capital. Like the responsibility of Polavaram project has been given to the incompetent Transstroy company of Rayapati, Amaravathi is being given away to the companies involved in Panama scam. Going against the suggestions of the courts and the opposition parties, Chandrababu is getting ready to give Amaravathi into the hands of his favourite Singaporean companies.

Chandrababu is trying to give the projects of Amaravathi to Surbana Jurong company and Ascendas-Singbridge group of Singapore. JTC and Temasek companies have internal partnership with these companies. But the appearance of the names of these companies on Panama papers is raising eyebrows.

Companies that evaded tax payment in their own countries
Temasek is one of the prominent companies that evaded tax payment in its country and established companies in Panama. In light of this, IAS officer Sharma presented evidences and wrote to AP CS Tucker and finance department chief secretary Ajay Kalam. he also informed that he would also lodge a complaint with Enforcement Directorate.
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