Allocation Accomplished… Expenditure Undone

CAG’s report confirmed that Chandrababu had
only been announcing the sanction of funds for under-privileged castes by the
Government but had never spent the funds for their benefit. Comptroller of
Auditor General (CAG) gave a report stating that many accounts in the budget mentioned
only allocation of funds but not their expenditure.

The list of promises made by TDP prior to
general elections goes on and on including waiver of farmers’ loans and DWCRA
women’s loans, issue of new loans without interest, a job for every household,
stipend for the unemployed and special funds for the welfare of Kapu community.
 After coming into power, Chandrababu had
also signed on the papers ordering waiver of farmers’ loans. But implementation
of the orders never happened. Funds allotted for this purpose could not even
satisfy the interests on the loans.

For the financial year 2014-15 under three
accounts in the budget Rs.4000 crore was allotted for the waiver of farmers’
loans. For the financial year 2015-16 as second shift of waiver, Rs.4300 crore
was allocated. Yet, not a rupee was spent for this purpose. Hence, the
Government had taken back the sanctioned amount.

How much does this amount to?

A total of Rs. 8,082.67crore was allocated by TDP in 2014-15
budget for purposes like waiver of agriculture loans of farmers, Vaidya vidhana
parishad, issue of no-interest loans to farmers, crop insurance, special funds
for ST students, welfare funds for Kapu community, minority scholarships,
agriculture universities and hospital improvisation funds but not a paisa was spent
from the allocated amount, as reported by CAG. The Government stated that
administration had not allowed surrender of some of the funds but it was
speechless when it had to explain the fate of the rest of the funds.

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