Able to hear Farmers pain

Hyderabad: The farmers in every village of Andhra Pradesh are suffering in debts. To get rid of this pain of debts, some farmers are moving towards suicide attempts. Instead of helping the sufferers, the government is preaching that we are taking steps to resolve the issue. The High court moved in this issue and mentioned that suicide of farmers is no way happy to the country.

 Based on the cases of suicides recorded in the two States, there was a petition filed in the High Court on Public interest. To investigate the petition a division bench comprising on Justice SV Bhat and Acting Chief Justice Dilip Bosale is formed on the instructions of the High Court. It insisted the two states to provide a clear report on the whole affair.

 The High Court made few statements for the community members to think. It stated the opinion that, if the compensation is increased in case of suicides, it doesn’t mean that suicides will stop. Problem can only be resolved when it is dealt by going to the roots of the problem. Every day we see there are lot of articles released in news papers about farmer’s suicides. The situations of farmers are really worst – mentioned the members of the bench.

 The comments made by the Court are meaningful and powerful. However, the government of Andhra Pradesh, TDP party is not able to listen to such good words. The farmers are abandoned and regime is continuing without bothering about the condition of farmers.     This led the farmers to a desperate situation. It’s only in the hands of God to make the lives of farmers better.


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