YSR Party -Apr5,2012

Rich tributes were paid to BabuJagjivan Ram on occasion of his 105th birth anniversary at the YSR Congress Party office here on Thursday. 
MLC JupudiPrabhakar and the party SC Cell Convener, Nalla Surya Prakash along with other leaders garlanded the picture of the Babuji and lauded his services to the dalit cause.
The speakers described him as the crusader for social justice, a champion of the depressed classes and an outstanding parliamentarian.
They recalled the services of Babuji, as he was affectionately called, as Deputy Prime Minster who has an uninterrupted parliamentary career for fifty years and served the country in various capacities and excelled in all the positions he held.
He was remembered for his unrelenting battle for the uplift of marginalised sections of societies by one and all, the speakers said. 
Ms K AmirtaSagar, MahilaConverner of Ranga Reddy District SC Cell, Ravindra Naik, CGC member, Ravi Kumar Convener of Hyderabad City SC Cell, RachamalluSiddheswar, Ranga Reddy district SC Cell and others participated in the function.

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