YSRC welcomes stay of GO : May 17,2012

Welcoming the High Court decision to stay the State Government GO banning advertisements to Sakshi media group, YSR Congress Party said that the ruling Congress Party has been resorting to vindictive tactics ever since a survey has revealed that they will be facing adverse results in the ensuing by-polls.
“We went to court on many occasions and have belief in legal system. The Congress and a section of media has been unleashing false propaganda ever since a survey has shown that the party would be faring very poorly in the June 12 by-polls,” party spokespersons Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Thursday.
 “The survey conducted by Congress itself has showed that the Party will be getting a maximum of 31 per cent and a minimum of 12 per cent votes in June 12 by-polls. The news has made the Party very dejected and is unleashing unfair propaganda working in tandem with a section of media,” he said.
Ever sicne the bank accounts of Sakshi media group were freezed, they went hammer and tongs telling that in the next move assets would be attached, Jagan would be arrested and stories on the same line to show that their target is to see that Sakshi is closed.
“But we have been fighting many a legal battle and things are becoming clear with the stay issued by the High Court,” he said.   
We are in a democracy and truth will prevail. CBI, State government and TDP seem to be ganged-up with the intention to close down Sakshi, he said. The case CBI is investigating is whether or not the 26 GOs issued were proper..
Whether or not a quid pro quo was in play was the basic point. The CBI instead of questioning the people who issued the GOs has sidetracked. The line of investigation has somewhere lost its path and the vested interests and the section of media seem to be hell bent on seeing the closure of Sakshi,” he said.
Sakshi paper was functioning even before the Party came into existence. Why did the chief minister, pcc president and Chiranjeevi keep quiet then?
They seem to gain lung power only after the survey with adverse reports is out and Vayalar Ravi arrived as an observer. The three leaders are like Gandhiji’s three monkeys but doing what they were not supposed to do, he said.  
People will give their mandate on June 12 and three days later our detractors will know what their place is in the parliamentary democracy, he said.
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