YSRCP slams Govt. over RTI appointments

Press Release

Hyderabad, February 2, 2013: The State Government again sending the once rejected names of Information Commissioners shows that the ruling party and main opposition TDP have a clear understanding on the issue and the deal was fixed for mutual benefit much earlier, YSR Congress has said.  

“The four names rejected by the Governor on the grounds that they have political affiliations were again sent for approval without making any changes as there was a deal between the ruling Congress and main opposition TDP on the issue,” YSRCP spokesperson Vasiredddy Padma told reporters here on Saturday.  

By reiterating the names, the spirit of transparency in governance is totally lost and our stand that Congress and TDP are working in tandem for mutual benefit has been vindicated, she said.  

Eight names were finalised by the committee comprising Chief Minister, N Kiran Kumar Reddy, his deputy Damodar Rajanarasimha and Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu in December. The names were proposed by leaders of both the parties. But four names were rejected and sent back for reconsideration by Governor ESL Narasimhan as they had four political affiliations.  

The government, after lapse of some time, sent back the same four names as Congress and TDP had made a deal much earlier. The two parties’ style of functioning clearly shows that they are mutually supporting each other though it goes against the democratic spirit, she said.  

Coming down heavily on N Chandrababu Niadu’s remarks that YSRCP is a jail party, she said the TDP leader cannot sit in judgment and use such language.  

No charges were proved and CBI is still unable to find evidence against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is still an accused. The two parties have conspired to defame YSR family members and jointly filed case against Jagan and with the help of CBI are trying to delay the bail. Over two crore people have signed in favour of Jagan Mohan Reddy.  

“It is better if Chandrababu Naidu guards his tongue and should know the status of an accused. He cannot sit on judgment on the issue,” she said adding that he has been speaking in a language and tenor that does not suit a person who was chief minister for nine years.  

He has been even distorting fables as he is fast losing base and people’s support. NTR had boycotted Naidu and he was rejected by people twice. He should answer as to why he is on a Save Congress mission, she said.

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