YSRCP dares Govt. to hold by-polls

Press Release

Hyderabad, March 17, 2013: Describing TDP’s support to ruling Congress in the Assembly as a death knell to both the parties, YSR Congress has demanded the government to disqualify the rebels and conduct by-polls to take the people’s mandate and prove its real popularity.

“Though Chief Minister has been exhibiting bravado by saying that he is not afraid of by-polls, there are efforts to delay the disqualification process and the impending by-election. We demand that the enlightened members who sailed with the no confidence motion should be disqualified paving way for by-elections,” the party MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy told reporters here on Sunday.

Local bodies’ elections should also be conducted on party basis with MPTC and ZPTC elections coming first which will make it clear as to who will stand tall in the people’s court.

While the tie-up of Congress and TDP had been in the open on the floor of the house, we are prepared to face the elections even if the two parties jointly fight the elections, he said.

The main opposition has created record by keeping away from the no confidence motion and failed in its duty to highlight the failures of the State Government. This unholy nexus will spell doom to both the parties and we demand that all those who crossed floor should be disqualified and by-elections should be held immediately instead of delaying the democratic process.  

There are apprehensions in the Congress and TDP circles that they may not win people’s support and efforts are on to stretch the process of disqualification of the rebel MLAs. “The government is trying to take refuge under some provisions of the law and keep the action against MLAs at abeyance. It cannot face an election and hence  is trying to avoid it,” he said.

The no confidence motion was moved as the government was indifferent to people’s plight and TDP sailed with the government is a fact that was proved beyond doubt.

“Though we lost the no-trust vote in the assembly by the intrigue of Congress and TDP, we are confident of winning the vote of people’s confidence and will take the two parties head-on in all the elections, Karunakar Reddy said.  

Whether it is by-election, or local bodies’ elections, we are going to win hands down. We demand that the local bodies elections should be held on party basis which will show the real strength of the parties unlike the cooperative elections which were heavily rigged by the ruling Congress, he said. 

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