YSRCP : Parliament, BJP, Cong failed in their duty

Press release

Hyderabad, Feb 19, 2014: Seeking an explanation from the BJP on why it had lent its support to the shady passage of the Telangana bill with LS doors closed after all its tall talk on justice being rendered to Seemandhra, YSRCP said today that Congress, Parliament and the Opposition have utterly failed in sending the message that they have been rendering justice to people.

The shady passage of the Telangana bill in Lok Sabha is a blot on democracy and has done away with the Parliamentary traditions and conventions, YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told media persons here.

Rambabu said the way the bill was adopted had anguished democrats all over the country and blamed the foursome of Sonia Gandhi, Chandrababu Naidu, Kiran Kumar Reddy and BJP for  destroying democratic traditions.

“By all means, it is very said,” he said, adding that Kiran and Naidu are squarely responsible for the situation. “Both of them have cheated the Telugu people.”

Rambabu asked BJP leaders and Chandrababu to introspect over their statements during the last few days and what they have done ultimately leading to the passage of the T bill.

“Your narrow-mindedness has resulted in this present situation,” Rambabu observed, saying that things would have been different if Kiran had quit on the day when Congress Working Committee decided on Telangana. Both Naidu and Kiran had committed a political fraud on the Telugu people, he said.

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