YSRCP is number one in Panchayat elections

Press Release

Hyderabad, July 25, 2013: Reiterating that the
Party topped the table in the first phase of panchayat polls, YSR Congress has
said that the results reflect the popularity and belief the people have in us.

“Our arithmetic is accurate and the data is
authentic. We got to the top in the first phase despite the money power and
muscle power of Congress and TDP and such remarkable show by a two-year old
party is but spectacular,” part senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told
reporters here on Wednesday.

Though other parties have been staking tall claims,
the data we have is verified, it is genuine and YSRCP is number one as its
supporters have captured maximum number of panchayats in the first phase,
results of which were announced yesterday.

The Congress with its 100-year old history and TDP
with its 30-year standing could not match strides with us as we raced ahead and
this streak will continue in the next phases as well, he said.

“There could be some shortcomings as our Party is
just two years old and is facing the local bodies’ elections for the first
time. We are not averse to rectifying them. The Congress and TDP have been
doling out imaginary figures to project themselves as the leaders and this move
is only a false projection.

We have been accused of not having base at local
levels, but the results have shown our real strength. We have left many of the
decision to local leaders as local conditions play an important role and would
be the deciding factor in panchayat elections,” he said.

Had it been on party basis, Election Commission
itself would have announced the tally without any confusion. In the ensuing
MPTC and ZPTC elections the trend would come into the open.

Ridiculing TDP for it claims that it has swept the
polls, Reddy said, Chandrababu Naidu has demolished the panchayat raj structure
and discouraged sarpanches in the decision making process. He always wanted the
officials to dictate the terms to elected representatives and he has brought in
the nodal officers era which has badly affected the public administration in
rural areas.

YSR has always been a champion of rural uplift and
strengthened panchayat raj system by issuing GOs transferring 10 subjects to
sarpanches, while Naidu totally relied on special officers, nodal officers who
were extra-constitutional entities, he said.   

While in power, TDP had scant respect to
panchayats. Its double standards are exposed as it has been speaking of rural
development now. This is only to eke out political advantage but people are
aware of the policies of Chandrababu Naidu and his preferences.  

In spite of the misuse of official machinery and
the use of money, liquor and other freebies, both Congress and TDP could not
restrain the onward march of YSRCP. This clearly shows that we are ahead of
others and in the coming phases, we will further increase the gap, he said.

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