YSRC asks cadre to maintain peace :May 25,2012

YSRC on Friday appealed to its cadre to maintain restraint and not to fall prey to any provocative measures from any quarters and also took objection to the way in which a section of media has been trying to subvert the investigation process.
“We believe in the legal system of the country and as a law abiding citizen Jaganmohan Reddy has appeared before the CBI, after his request for a postponement was turned down, a section of media has been beaming news that would create panic among the general people,” party spokespersons Ambati Rambabu and Vasireddy Padma told reporters here.
News was being beamed out as if Jaganmohan Reddy was not cooperating with CBI and such practices should be checked and the investigation agency should have issued a rejoinder, Padma said and appealed to the cadre not to get anxious, as three of Jagan’s supporters died on hearing the news of the CBI hearing.
The state capital has been turned into a virtual fortress and a security blanket has been thrown in the city creating hardships to many. Police has been harassing the cadre and leaders of YSRC, they said and appealed to the cadre to maintain calm.  
While the State was creating a fear psychosis and trying to tarnish the image of YS Jaganmohan Reddy leaders like MV Mysoora Reddy, Allani Nani and Vivekananda Reddy joined YSRC and have expressed solidarity to Jagan.
Brushing aside the allegation that Jagan was fearing arrest and has moved court for anticipatory bail, they said, “we have explored all legal options and complied with the legal system.”
Speaking on Mopidevi’s resignation letter, Ambati said, how a group of ministers can take his resignation letter at the CBI office in which YSR’s name was included willfully. Mopidevi saying that he signed the GOs without looking into contents is ridiculous.
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