Strengthen Dairy industry: YSRCP

Press Release

Hyderabad, December 11: Criticising the Congress for its anti-people policies and more so the dairy industry, YSRCP has demanded that Vijaya Dairy should be strengthened by increasing procurement price. 

While the dairy industry is in distress with government not procuring milk and paying proper payment, government has been neglecting the dairy industry and there is every possibility that they declare a holiday, he said. 

The inefficiency of the State government should at least now fix a feasible price for procuring milk as many people are dependent on dairy. 

Government has been boasting of increasing input subsidies has totally ignored dairy and women organisations who are unable to get good support price and the dairy industry in distress and is affecting the rural economy very badly. 

Chandrababu Naidu, during his term has tried his best to close down Chittoor Dairy, which has a history of flourishing profits. He has deliberately done it to promote his Heritage Foods and eventually succeeded. 

YSR, who returned to power had contributed his might to promote dairy and women organisations but the present government has been totally ignoring core issues, he said. 

Government-run Vijaya Dairy should be immediately strengthened by increasing the procurement price and save the industry or else we will take up the issue on a large scale, he said. 

Citing an example, he said Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) requires 4,000 litres of milk of which it has resources to procure 2,000 litres while the rest is being purchased from private parties. This contract can be given to Vijaya Dairy so that the government can benefit, he said.

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