Speeker:Janak- Mar24,2012

YSR Congress Party on Saturday criticised the State Government for the indiscriminate power cuts arising out of false policy decisions and improper planning which are affecting all sections of society.
“Why the State Government is silent when Reliance Industries has slashed its production at KG-basin by 1500 MW and is allowing it to sell it to other states while there are heavy power cuts here,” party spokesperson, Janak Prasad told reporters here.
Instead of working out a strategy to increase the supply to meet the demand of power, the State’s inaction is resulting in heavy and indiscriminate power cuts in domestic, agriculture, industrial and corporate sectors, he said.
While the cuts are up to seven times in the State capital, in other cities and towns it between 4 and 6 hours and in rural areas the power cut is up to 12 hours. Industries have been closed down for four days a week and the production has come down, he said.
Farmers have declared a crop holiday as they were unable to get power to draw water for the crop.
YSR too faced similar situations but he has purchased 2,000 MW of power and reimbursed the amount unlike this government which neither is unable to take a decision nor can ask the corporate as to why production in KG basin has come down, he said.
YSR, during his term did not hike the power tariff but the present Congress Government has increased it twice. In the first hike it collected Rs 2,000 crores and is now gearing up to burden the people by another Rs 4,000 crores, he said.
The results of the by-elections should have been an eye-opener but the Government is showing scant respect to people’s problems and  TDP is not playing its role of opposition party by raising people’s issues as it has distanced itself from the public, he added.

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