Speaker: GattuRamachandra Rao -Feb29,2012

YSR Congress Party on Wednesday said TDP and LokSatta were trying to project the restriction of movement of paddy as the only problem farmers were facing, while in reality the issue has a wider canvas and should be discussed threadbare in the assembly.
“It is not just selling paddy and its export but the farmers are facing problems as the cost of inputs have increased manifold and the income has fallen forcing them to distress sale,” YSR Congress party official spokesperson GattuRamachandra Rao said. 
If farmers were to sell paddy in the State, they have to pay five per cent VAT which increases their cost of production, in Karnataka there is no VAT and the farmers were able to sell on their own. There are issues like subsidies to seeds, fertilizers and other inputs besides assuring Minimum Support Price (MSP) which the Government should address immediately, he said. 
Free movement of paddy is only one facet of the matrix of problems farmers are facing and the issue should be discussed in the assembly covering all aspects, he said. 
“Our party has been demanding Rs 3,000-crore Market Stabilisation Fund which helps farmers to get a good price for his produce,” he said.
While Congress Party has been trying to dampen the spirit of YSR welfare schemes, TDP and LokSatta, the parties known for their anti-farmer stand, were highlighting only one aspect of the farmer’s plight, he said. 
N Chandrababu and N Jai PrakashNarayana went on a Rytuyatra recently.

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