Promises of Jairam meaningless

Press Release

Hyderabad, March 4, 2014: Taking strong objection to union minister Jairam Ramesh statements during his visit to the state, YSR Congress has said his announcements mean nothing to Seemandhra and they are in violation of the code of conduct.

“Jairam Ramesh, who was elected from the State to the Rajya Sabha, has never bothered about the state while there was a huge movement against the division. He did not speak out like a representative of the region but helped the Bill to get through.

Now the union minister comes to Seemandhra region and goes on a promises spree unmindful of the election code in force. This is in violation of the code of conduct and we will bring this issue to the Election Commission,” party spokesperson Jupudi Prabhakar told reporters here on Tuesday.

He has been promising of educational institutions, capital city coming up within three to four years and about other such vital infrastructure. These were not included in the Bill. How can the minister give assurances on something that is not in the bill and will it be binding on the next government as Congress will not cross the 100 figure mark in the next general elections, he asked.

Whether it is Digvijay Singh or Jairam Ramesh, the Congress leaders are playing with the sentiments of Seemandhra people and the Party will face a rout in the next elections.

Though Congress has 33 MPs, some of them ministers, not a single state representative was present at the function alongside Jairam Ramesh, which shows the popularity of the man and the Party.

Jairam Ramesh who was instrumental in passing the Bill undemocratically in just 23 minutes switching off the television, now comes to town and boasts of sops which will cut no ice. “Not a single issue which he has been speaking in the state is included in the Bill and his speech will have no credibility,” he said.

People of Seemandhra will not fall for his bait and will teach a fitting lesson to Congress, he said. It was YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who has toured the entire nation seeking support to keep the state united and he will emerge as the true leader of the region while other parties will be washed away, he said.

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