Press Note -jan31,2012

YSRC Party on Tuesday ridiculed the CBI Joint Director Laxminaryana’s innocence on media reports about the happenings in the investigative agency and suggested that he should undergo narco analysis test. 
“We are not prepared to buy the innocence of Laxminarayana and there are any number of instances to show that there were selective leaks to the media, including classified information, and the source cannot be any place other than the headquarters,” the party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here.
To quote a few, she said,’ Ambati will get the call’ first came in the media and CBI made it real after the report, so was the story in Sri Lakshmi’s case and the narco analysis test story broke in the media first and CBI appealed for the same later.
“All this point out that the source of leak is at the helm and if the Joint Director tries to call the bluff, he should undergo the narco analysis test as there is no other agency which is higher than CBI in the country,” she said adding that the Agency has become a laughing stock and it is the responsibility of Laxminaryana to come out clean and set the record straight. 
The functioning of CBI has come under public scrutiny with the leaks, she said, ever since the happenings in the Agency have been coming out in the media. 
While the Agency was showing undue interest in some cases and in some persons, it has been ignoring certain issues which have been very glaring, she said.

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