Police high-handedness condemned

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Hyderabad, August 24, 2013: Condemning the highhandedness of the police in foiling the deeksha of party honorary president YS Vijayamma, YSR Congress Party has said that it will continue its fight against the authoritarian decision of the Centre.

“We condemn the highhandedness of the police in foiling the indefinite fast of YS Vijayamma and the manner in which she was taken to the government hospital and we will continue to fight for demand of maintaining status quo if the Centre cannot do justice to all regions,” Party official spokesperson Jupudi Praabhakar Rao told reporters here on Saturday.

The police on instructions from the Government have taken away Vijayamma late in the night from the deeksha site citing health grounds in a private vehicle and did not bring an ambulance. This shows that the state has ulteriror motives in foiling the fast.of a leader of a Political party, who is an MLA, wife of a former chief minister and mother of an MP.

At the same time a local leader of TDP, whose fast was also foiled by the police, was taken in an ambulance which shows the discrimination of the official machinery, he said.

Vijayamma, whose health condition is on the slide, was advised by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to give up the fast and lead the party in the fight against the authoritarian decision of the Centre.

Despite her poor health condition, with falling blood pressure and sugar levels leading to renal complications, Vijayamma wanted to continue to fast at the Hospital but was advised by her son and other leaders to lead the party in the fight against the Centre’s decision to bifurcate the state illogically.

It is time that the Centre knows the sentiments of the people and come to terms with reality and think in terms of the people’s interests instead of harping on cheap politicking, Jupudi said.

The CWC decision is unilateral and authoritarian as it gave scant respect to the sentiments of the people.  The people have rejected Congress and TDP and are with YSRCP that has taken up the deeksha and the state wanted to foil the deeksha at any cost as it fears that if would spread out to the entire region.

That was how the fast of Vijayamma was foiled in an undemocratic manner who misused official machinery and police behaved in a very highhanded manner without any prior alert and the bandh in region against the police action has been total and getting good response.

While the region is on boil,  N Chandrababu Naidu has postponed his proposed yatra as he has no moral courage to face the public, which is enraged over the sentiment of a united state.

“We wanted the Centre to do justice to all regions and see to it that no region is put to disadvantage before bifurcating the state and if that cannot be done, the UPA has no right to bifurcate the state,” he said.

We have the right to express our protest and the party is determined to go ahead with its protest against the injustice meted out to one region. I also appeal to all sections of people who respect value system to raise their voice against this authoritarian rule,” he said.

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