Naidu's foreign assets must be probed

Press Release

Hyderabad, Feb 28, 2014: Demanding an inquiry into the wealth Chandrababu Naidu has amassed in Singapore, Malaysia and at other places YSR Congress has said of late the TDP leader has been speaking out of jealousy and frustration as his electoral fortunes are fast eroding.

“Time and again Chandrababu Naidu has been raising the issue of converting Seemandhra in to Singapore. He has affinity of some kind with that country along with Malaysia and Dubai as well as he has many questionable business deals with those countries. We demand an inquiry into his assets in the country and abroad as well,” Party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Friday.

“Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his family have had close links with the TDP President who has business interests in both the countries. Naidu’s family members have economic interests in Singapore and Malaysia as well and he frequently visits these countries.

We demand that a thorough inquiry should be conducted in to his wealth, in the country and abroad along with his affinity with those countries which has been prompting Naidu to consistently say that he will convert Seemandhra into Singapore.

He faces strong allegations of taking kickbacks in kind for allotting Hi-Tech city work to a leading construction house which in turn has built NTR Trust Bhavan. A very popular British organization has dubbed Naidu as very good at managing systems, situations and people. He could usurp the power, party and symbol of TDP from NTR using such unethical practices.

His recent promises are coming out of frustration as he is unable to bear the popularity of YSRCP and with the help of his friendly media houses is managing news by distorting facts.

His friendly media has given hyperbolic statements about his ability and earlier he could get some sponsored surveys published which proved to be very wrong in 2004 and 2009.

“Naidu, who has been an expert in managing events, has been telling lies that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been managing national media which is far from truth. A prospective and idealistic Party is always in the news while TDP is a party which outlived its utility,” he said.

 As he has no chance of getting hold of any seats, he is trying to play spoilsport and leveling false and baseless allegations against our Party, which is marching ahead towards a certain victory.  

TDP which has a voting share of over 40 % when NTR was at the helm of the affairs has dipped to 20 % during Naidu’s term in 2003 and is eroding fast. During his nine year terms he has damaged all the sectors and created hype for himself through his friendly media, he said.

It could not win a single by-poll during the past five years while YSRCP has scripted tremendous victories and the contrast well in the open.

YSRCP has credibility and all those who quit their respective parties and contested have won with thumping margins while Naidu’s TDP has never won an election and even lost deposits.

When asked why some of the Congress leaders have expressed their willingness to join TDP, he said, all the leaders who are turning towards TDP could not find a place in YSRCP and it is a struggle for existence for them as they need a political plank.

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