Naidu remarks ridiculous: YSRCP

Press Release

Hyderabad, March 23, 2013:  Ridiculing TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu’s remarks that YSR is responsible for the present power crisis, YSR Congress has demanded an inquiry into power management during the YSR and TDP terms to bring out the facts. 

“It is absurd to blame YSR for the power crisis and as the Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FSA) is levied year-on-year basis. We demand an inquiry to be ordered into the PPAs of short gestation projects allotted during the TDP term along with power situation during YSR governance,” the party senior leader Konathala Ramakrishan told reporters here on Saturday.  

Adjustment surcharge is a year-on-year account and YSR cannot be blamed for what Kiran Kumar Reddy is doing now. Chandrababu Naidu, who has been in public life for over 30 years putting forth such illogical arguments shows that he is trying to shield the Kiran Kumar Reddy government.  

On course of his padayatra, he has been blaming YSR for the inefficiency of Kiran Kumar Reddy who lacks foresight and could not address the power situation properly, he said. We are prepared for a thorough inquiry into the power situation during YSR term, but at the same time, the short gestation projects allotted during the TDP regime should also be probed into.  

How many times the promoters’ names were changed and the capacity was rescheduled and the rate fixation terms were changed should be inquired. The probe should also cover the government guarantee for the short gestation projects in case the Centre fails to supply gas or other raw material, he said.  

It is surprising that the main opposition leader did not take note of the Rs 32,000 crore additional burden imposed through FSA on the consumers by Kiran Kumar Reddy government and Chandrababu Naidu did not prefer to talk about it but had conveniently shifted the blame on YSR which shows that he has been on a Save Congress mission, he said.  

YSR, on the other hand, handled even worst crisis without burdening the consumer and gave subsidy when the prices were increased. While Chandrababu Naidu has mismanaged the power situation and pushed the state into darkness, N Kiran Kumar Reddy is emulating him and the affinity between them is the anti-people policies, he said.  

The agriculture growth during YSR term was the highest, so was the industrial growth but they have now been falling drastically and industrial growth has been showing negative growth. Many industrial units have been shut down and thousands of workers are rendered jobless, he said.  

During YSR term, power generation has increased and now though we have the capacity, we could not generate power as we could not get our quota of gas and coal production has become stagnant.  

There is no comparison between YSR and Chandrababu Naidu governance but the Kiran Kumar Reddy government matches strides in the backward growth, he said. We extend solidarity with anyone who is agitating against the power crisis, he said.  

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