Naidu must speak in favour of united state

Press Release

Hyderabad, Dec 24, 2013: Questioning the rationale behind TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu undertaking Praja Garjana yatra, YSR Congress has demanded that he should categorically state that he stands for a united State.

“Naidu has been fooling the people all the time and now he is on a Yatra from Seemandhra region which is bearing the brunt on the division of the State. He has no moral right to commence this programme unless he announces that he is in favour of a united state,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Tuesday.

Naidu, who heads the regional Party, has been giving sub-regional masks to his cadres which are quite contrasting in nature, but at no point of time did he commit himself that he stands for a united state.

“While TRS is claiming that the letter given by Naidu has been the main strength for Congress to announce the division of the State, the TDP leader on his part did not utter the word of a united state so far and has even stated that he is not going to take back the letter he has given supporting the division of the State.

With such shady credentials, Naidu now taking up the Garjana in the region which is being affected adversely in the division process should be viewed by the Party cadre and activists of all Forums with seriousness and question him about the stand.

He never spoke about keeping the state united and now starting his yatra from Seemandhra without showing his commitment for cause is nothing short of trying to fool people for political gains.

At least now, the cadre of TDP should ensure that he raises his voice for Samaikyandhra and assure that he is committed for the cause,” she said. He has been always evasive on the question of a united state and he has no moral ground to begin the yatra unless he categorically says that he is committed for the united state. He should either withdraw the letter he has given in support of the division or meet the President and give a memorandum expressing his willingness to stand by for an untied state.

While YSR Congress has been very firm on its stand for a united state, Sonia Gandhi and Naidu have been for division of the State.

“Naidu should make public the real intention of the Yatra as he is touring Seemandhra. He has always been skirting the united state issue and has changed tunes many times though Congress and Sonia Gandhi have always been for division.

The need and purpose for the yatra should be announced before he undertakes the trip or else, I appeal to the leaders to question him about his integrity and commitment for Samaikyandhra, she said.

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