Kiran Govt should go, says Vijayamma

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Hyderabad, March 15, 2013 : Affirming that the Kiran Kumar Reddy government has no right to continue in office for a single day as its anti-people’s policies have put the clock of development backwards, YSR Congress floor leader YS Vijayamma has wondered why the main Opposition TDP is keeping itself away from the democratic process of questioning the ruling party on its failures.

Initiating the debating on the no confidence motion on behalf of YSRCP, she said: “The State Government has failed on all fronts and did not live up to the expectations of the people who voted them to power as it has diluted, defaced or debunked all the schemes of YSR.

While some calamities are natural there are others that are man-made. The acute power crisis is the making of the state government as its lack of foresight and concern has pushed the state into darkness.

The situation could have been avoided with little planning, foresight and commitment, but the state’s interests and priorities were elsewhere and the steep hike in power charges is affecting agriculture, industrial and domestic sectors,’ she said.

“It is unfortunate that I have to express no confidence on the Congress government, which has been a model state in the country under the leadership of YSR. During the past three years, Aarogyasri, fees reimbursement, free power and all welfare schemes took a beating and the state has taken no steps to improve the power generation which is resulting in pathetic situation with farmers losing crops, industries being shut down and workers being rendered jobless,” she said.

We have to move the no confidence motion, as the main opposition did not respond to the people’s aspirations and problems. The leader of opposition issuing a whip to TDP members to keep away from the no confidence voting has redefined parliamentary democracy.  This is an indication that the ruling Congress and main opposition TDP have ganged-up,” she said amidst interruptions from the treasury and opposition benches.

“The unholy nexus becomes more pronounced when N Chandrababu Naidu in his ongoing padayatra criticises the State Government every day telling people that this government has no right to continue. When the time comes to corner the Congress government, he develops cold feet and keeps away from the democratic process,” she said.

No confidence motion is the tool in the hands of the main opposition and if it fails to use it at this opportune time, it has no moral right to stand before people’s court, she said adding that YSRCP has moved the motion as it stands for the people’s cause and reflect their feelings in the House.  

With 15 days power cut to industries per month, over 1.5 lakh industries are closed down and 20 lakh families are affected. Though the state has made some tall claims that it will provide jobs under Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu it remained a mirage and only a few people were given employment in private sector which does not match to the estimates of the original figures mentioned.

The Kiran Kumar Reddy government claimed that it could attract whopping Rs 6.5 lakh cores of investments through the partnership summit but had to scale down the figure drastically as they were no takers.

Some nine years back this was the trend during TDP rule to give inflated figures and create an impression that the economy is very healthy. “I think the Kiran Kumar Reddy government is also following the same pattern,” she said. 

Summing it up, the government has failed to assess the power needs and could not draft a plan accordingly, and the power shortage is of its own making, the hike in power charges and fuel surcharge adjustment is very harsh, hike in bus fares, petrol and diesel prices, agriculture inputs, closure of cottage, small and medium industries, toning down fees reimbursement and medicare has been affecting the people of the state very badly.

As the government failed to address the peoples issues I firmly believe that people lost faith in the government and it should go forthwith, “she said. 

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