KCR trading movement for personal gains

Press Release

Hyderabad, December 11: TRS President K Chadnrasekahr Rao has been using his party to further his personal gains and to enrich his family members showing scant respect to the people who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Telangana, YSR Congress has said.

“Though he started TRS as a platform with cause, he has conveniently converted it into a political party and has been deriving all benefits along with his family members,” party Central Executive Committee Member K Prathap Reddy told reporters here on Tuesday.

When KCR started the outfit 12 years back, he raised the issue of the share of Krishna and Godavari waters to Telangana and even today it has been unresolved which shows that his agenda is purely political and commercial as well. The party has enjoyed ministerial berths but could not take the movement forward as the interests lie elsewhere, he said.

Whenever the movement reaches a peak, he has been trading it for personal gains with the Centre. When Sakala Jaunala Samme was at its height, KCR traded it for Polavaram tenders and even on earlier occasions he pulled down the spirit of the movement for personal gains, Prathap Reddy  said.

Lack of commitment and sincerity are the main qualities of KCR who is in jitters ever since Sharmila’s padayatra in Telangana has been getting a rousing response, he said adding that KCR comments against YSRCP are only due to fear of losing his major ground in the region to YSRCP, he said. 

With the oscillating stand of TRS nearly 800 students died during the agitation and for past couple of years many industries have pulled out from the region rendering youth jobless. 

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