Jagan: Political system has fallen into wrong hands

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Kothapallimitta (Chittoor dist), Jan 22, 2014: Taking strong objection for rejecting the permission to install the statue of YSR here, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the political system is in the wrong hands that have selfish motives with Congress and TDP playing divisive politics giving scant respect to the sentiments of the people.

“It was YSR who has brought Congress from the brink to the power by his mass contact programme and the Congress government has refused to give permission to install his statue which is a shameful act. After his demise the quality of politics has taken a deep dip and the degradation of the system has been awful as the rulers have no concern to the people and their problems,” he said while addressing a large gathering on Wednesday.

It is unfortunate that the Government could not give three feet of land for the statue and such vindictive politics have been in play for over four years now. YSR has redefined the political thought by ushering in a welfare state in which right from infants to old age persons were happy with the Aarogyasri, pension and other schemes.

The present day leadership has a different agenda and its style of functioning is aimed at putting political adversaries into jails, scheming and sketching dubious designs to win a few seats and votes by dividing the state for selfish gains ignoring the sentiments of the 70 % of the people who are in favour of a united state.

While YSR has introduced fees reimbursement schemes with a vision to provide technical education to at least one member in a family, the present leadership has taken up the agenda of dividing the state and depriving the students of jobs by taking away the capital city from them.

He has introduced Aarogyasri scheme to provide quality treatment to poor, who otherwise would not have had the access to corporate hospitals while the state leadership has been looking after its own interests and the arithmetic of seats but not the welfare of the people.

After his death, credibility and honesty have lost their meaning in the political spectrum. Intrigue, divisive designs and the policy of getting seats and votes by hook or crook have become order of the day and the degeneration can be seen in the assembly where the TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu has been exhibiting his double standards unabashedly.

He encourages leaders of Telangana to take slogan for a separate state and directs Seemandhra members to bat for a united state while he maintains silence. He neither withdraws the letter he has given in favour of the division nor does he give a fresh letter to support the united state but allows things to pass on their own.

The duality in his stand is not perplexing but is a blot on the parliamentary democracy.

Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on the other hand has been very actively expediting the division process in the garb of an integrationist. Advertisements are been seen all around projecting him as an integrationist but in that mask he has been dutifully following the dictates of high command.

Digviajy Singh meets him and the Chief Minister clears the files with amazing speed as desired by the high command and tables the division bill in the assembly. The mask he is wearing has slipped many a  while carrying out the orders of the high command and TDP leader has been a party to the division process as he refused to take back the letter when APNGO leaders have asked him.

Chief Minister on his part has coerced the employees and had seen to it that they called off their strike seeking a united state.

Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu are equally responsible for the division and we have to fight the battle to bring in clean political system and usher in golden era of YSR.

The fight is between Telugu self-pride and Delhi arrogance and we should show our unity and win 30 MP seats which empower us to elect the Prime Minister who will stand for a united state, he said.

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