CBI exposed :Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad, May 10

Faulting the double standards of CBI, YSR Congress has said the premier
investigation agency has being carrying out a protracted investigation in the
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s case while it has sidestepped even a formal enquiry on
former Chief Minister N Chadndrababu Naidu in the Emaar case vis-à-vis the
Discharge Petition filed by Koneru Rajendra Prasad.

was Chandarababu who issued the GO in favour of Emaar and Koneru Rajendra
Prasad was the mediator between Chandrababu and Emaar. Rajendra Prasad in his
petition told the court that Chandrababu was the key person in Emaar case,”
party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Friday.

was summoned by the CBI, in the capacity of former Chairman of APIIC, and I
told them about the involvement of the then Chief Minister Chandrababu in the
Emaar properties case,” he said.

was during TDP rule that 535 acres of prime land in heart of the city was given
at a throw-away price of Rs 29 lakh per acre for building, luxary villas, golf
course, convention centre and other such facilities to Emaar Properties.

has sold the adjacent land belonging to his wife at Rs 1 core per acre much
earlier to the Emaar contract which clearly establishes that his decision has
cost the ex-chequer a fortune.

were irregularities even in the bidding process and in the exercise of short
listing. It was managed in such a manner that Emaar was the sole bidder
available to sign the contract.

things were so clear, and our Party has been very vocal about it, CBI has
developed cold feet and did not even question the former chief minister.

the contrary, when it came to Jagan’s case, it has acted in a tearing hurry and
could not prove even a single charge and had to scale down the quantum of
misappropriation of public money it has quoted manifold.

clearly establishes the duality of CBI functioning.

all its omissions and commissions, TDP will lose the elections in 2014 for the
third consecutive time and its chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu will have to
virtually close the shop, he stated.

himself admitted with his party cadres that if they don’t win the next
elections, the TDP will have to close the shop,” he said.

rubbished the rumours that YSRCP leaders have been questioning the courts. We
have utmost respect for judiciary and made it clear on many occasions. //



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