Cancel Polavaram tenders, says YSRC: July 24, 2012

Hyderabad, July 24: Alleging large scale irregularities in the Polavaram tenders, YSRC has demanded the State Government to either cancel the bids or place all records of the quotations before an all-party committee to prove its transparency.

 “Revealing the details of only two bidders does not go well with the tender process and some non-State players in Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) have been actively pursuing the issue in finalising the bids, “ party Central Governing Council (CGC) member, Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Tuesday.

Though the issue is being dragged contending that the High Powered Committee (HPC) and Chief Minister would finalise the bids, we have serious objections as some non-State players are operating from the CMO itself and there could be no transparency, he said.

 The details of other bidders should also have been announced instead of just the amount quoted by the two short-listed companies, which seem to have some common business interests, he said adding that the Rs 500 crores inflated bid is a burden on ex-chequer.

 Of the two companies shortlisted, Soma –CGGC has questionable credentials and has a bad mark world over. It was accused of funding terrorists in Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK), and has evaded VAT in Nepal and it is prohibited from any mercantile activity in Sudan.

The solvency certificate should be given by a nationalised bank but in this case it was given by Chinese Bank and these procedural lapses do not merit the company to be the main bidder. With reports that the two short-listed companies, Soma-CGGC joint venture and SEW-Patel having mutual interests and some vested interests working within CMO, the full details should be either cancelled or details of all those who participated in the bids should be placed before an all-party committee, he said.

 Within nine months, the cost has gone up by Rs 500 crores though there is a marginal increase in the cost of cement and steel and this hike is not proportionate, he said.

 As the Tenders Committee did not follow the procedure properly and the HPC and CM are bound to follow the report to be submitted by it. This goes without saying that there could be no transparency, that too when someone is operating from the CMO itself, he said.

CM indecisive:  When asked about the cabinet ministers involved in legal tangles, he said, it is for the ministers to decide whether they should continue in the cabinet or not and if the chief minister is a power leader he must be in a position to drop them.

 The Chief Minster should spell out the Government’s stand on the 26 GOs, but should not adopt double standards by taking different stands at different avenues shows the indecisiveness, he said.

 The main opposition TDP should take up this issue and should they move a no confidence motion, we will support on the floor of the house, he said.

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