Bandh success; rollback tariff, says YSRCP

Press Release

Hyderabad, April 9, 2013: Asserting that the bandh against hike in power charges is a grand success, YSR Congress has demanded the State Government to roll back the increased tariff immediately.

“The ire of the people was reflected in full flow in the bandh and government should at least now come down and roll back the prices without making it an issue,” party senior leader Dr MVMysoora Reddy told reporters here on Tuesday.

While the reasons for the hike in power charges lie elsewhere, the state is shifting the entire burden on the consumers and the Congress Government has to pay a heavy price for this fallacy.  

The corruption in GENCO and the inefficiency in curbing the transmission and distribution losses and other factors have contributed to the hike in power charges and passing on the burden to consumers is bad governance, he said.

The state and centre have totally failed in handling the power crisis. While the coal production has become stagnated due to the Centre’s policies, the state has failed in containing the irregularities in the GENCO and it could not get any help from the Centre to mitigate power crisis, he said.

The state has failed to get additional gas quota and it did not take any meaningful measures but remained a mute spectator while the situation was drifting from bad to worse, he said. 

The state should explain to the people as to why the average purchase of energy cost has increased from Rs 2.10 to Rs 3.15 in 2012-13 and the projected energy cost was pegged at Rs 4.07. It should also reply as to why the bilateral purchase was Rs 5.11.

There are other measures that could have been taken by the State and Centre to exempt consumers for the burden of hike in power charges. With Coal India, ONGC and Oil India making profits, the companies could have been asked to provide some cushion to curtail the spiraling costs.

“The bandh is a form of protest by which the anger of the people was vented and it is time the government comes down and rolls back the hike,” he said.

CBI:  On CBI naming Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy in the charge sheet, he said the strategy of Congress government to pin down YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has boomeranged and now it is in a catch 22 situation.

“Had the government initially agreed that the GOs were in order, the situation would have been different. At that time the sole intention of the Congress was to keep YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in jail without considering the 26 GOs, which form crux of the case. Now that the issue is getting murkier and Congress is facing the music,” he said.

It is left for the Chief Minister and other ministers to decide whether or not they should resign on moral grounds, he said. CBI is trying to mislead the courts as it had earlier said in a written submission that it would complete the investigation as soon as possible but did not stick to its commitment, he said. He asked the media to refer to Supreme Court order to ascertain the facts.  

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