AP in need of strong leader: Jagan

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Neeruguttavaripalem (Chittoor dist), Jan 6, 2014: Affirming that a strong leadership is very much needed to keep the State united and to ensure the well-being of the people, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said we will raise the banner of unity and win 30 MP seats to see that our goal is achieved.

Addressing a huge gathering as part of the Samaikya Sankharavam here on Monday, he said: “The present day leadership has misplaced priorities and has neither the will nor a way to keep the State united. While Sonia Gandhi wants to divide the State to see her son as Prime Minister, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy is following the Delhi instructions in letter and spirit and Chandrababu Naidu has been on a save Congress mission.

Lack of a strong leader is very much pronounced in the contemporary scenario as the present leadership looking only for short term personal and political gains without showing concern to the farmers, students, weavers and other sections of people which has resulted in the undemocratic division of the state.

We will wage a united battle in the elections, due in a couple of months, and shall win 30 Lok Sabha seats. We shall select the candidate who agrees to keep the State united as Prime Minister,” he said adding that this is a fight between Delhi arrogance and Telugu self pride.

Though YSR is dead and gone by more than four years, he is still alive in the hearts of the people as he has cared for the poor and needy and launched welfare schemes that had benefitted multitude of people. The present day leadership lacks vision.

While YSR had looked beyond political affiliations, regional barriers, caste and creed the new crop of leaders are caught in the whirl of short term gains and manipulative politics. Their concern is not about how to ring in welfare schemes for the people but they are bothered more about whom to send to jail and how to gain seats in the elections.

The weavers were given a good package by YSR but after him the Government has been indifferent to their plight, he said.

The irrational division is being directed by Sonia Gandhi from Delhi with Chief Minister is dancing to her tunes and the Leader of Opposition instead of questioning her has joined hands with her and has been seeking packages.

If the unilateral division takes place, the three-some should answer as to where should the students go for jobs if Hyderabad is taken away and the farmers should ask as to where from they will get water if another state is brought in between as the Krishna waters are touching the united state only after the needs of Maharashtra and Karnataka are fulfilled. There will be no drinking water from the southern tip of Kuppam to the northern corner of Srikakulam.

Of the existing 28 states Andhra Pradesh stands 3 in terms of budget and if divided the two states will slide to 9th and 17th places and will be weak, he said. The Assembly session has been a spectacle with Chandrababu Naidu allowing his members to shout slogans from both sides of the fence which is a shameful act, he said.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is on 9th day of his staggered Samaikya Sankharavam Yatra which is concurrently running with the unfinished Odarpu Yatra in Chittoor district and is now touring the Madanapalli and Pileru assembly constituencies.

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