YSR's Golden Rule Has To Come Back

Gadapagadapaku YSR
Congress programme initiated by YSRCP prestigiously is going on succesfully
throughout the state. YSRCP cadre is going from one doorstep to another and
knowing people’s problems. People are bringing to the notice of YSRCP leaders
their difficulties due to not receiving pension and ration and their loans not
being waived since two years. They are regrating having voted for Chandrababu.
They are assuring the people that YSR’s golden rule could be brought back by
making YS Jagan the CM of the state.

Panyam MLA Gowru
Charitha Reddy participated in Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at
Chenchunagar in Kalluru. On the other hand, constituency coordinator of
Patthikonda, Ch.Narayana Reddy held the programme and uncovered Chandrababu’s
deceptive rule to the people. MLA Anil Kumar Yadav toured in the 42nd
division of Nellore.

The leaders collected
people’s responses for the 100-point questionnaire in Praja Ballot and
Chandrababu, who had deceived people with his false promises, received zero
marks from the people.

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