YSRCP Cadre Reaching Every Doorstep In Visakha District

Visakhapatnam: Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme is going on successfully in Visakhapatnam district, while receiving huge response. Leaders of YSRCP are going to each house and learning the problems of the people. Assuring them of their support, they are mentioning that YS Jagan's rule would alleviate all their troubles. Visakhapatnam North coordinator Tainala Vijay kumar, city woman president Pasupuleti Usha Kiran, state leaders Satti Ramakrishna Reddy and city publicity committee president Barkat Ali toured in Prasanthi nagar and Sanjeevaiah colonies of 35th ward of Seetampeta.
Madugula MLA Boodi Muthyala Naidu mentioned that Chandrababu, who had made impossible promises with greed for power, would be taught a lesson in the next elections. Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress was held in Lankavanipalem and Pindrangi villages of L.Kotapadu mandal. Speaking on this occasion, he reminded that YSRCP had stayed in support when TDP Government had tried to mine bauxite unlawfully.
ZPTCs of Chintapalli and Paderu, K.Padma Kumari, B.Nookaratnam and GK street MPP Balaraju participated in the programme.

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