We Shall Fight For Justice

Nellore: YSRCP in-charge, Veluru Mahesh, held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Nakkalolla centre and Brindavanam areas of the 46th division. Nellore Urban MLA, Sr. P. Anil Kumar Yadav also toured in the areas as part of the programme.
Speaking on this occasion, the MLA mentioned the people living in the area in huts, in hope of being sanction pakka houses. Remarking that the Jamabhoomi programme being held by TDP pompously had no sign of sanction of houses or new pensions, he condemned the false statements being delivered by ruling party leaders. He complained that 3000 applications from Nellore city had been set aside without  being uploaded.

Anil Kumar also mentioned the wrong information filled in ration cards. He suggested that the mistakes should be rectified at least by the next phase of Janmabhoomi programme. The MLA also stated how widows and handicapped people were made to go around them for pensions in vain. He cautioned that a large scale struggle for justice would be performed if the Government continued to do injustice to people.

Corporators Gogula Nagaraju, Md. Khalil Ahmed, Obili Ravichandra, Dr. Kondareddy, Veluru Raghu, Balu, Krishna, Kumar, Ramu, Darla Venkateswarlu, Sivarapuram Suresh, Sankara, Rajendra, Nagaraju, Muneer Siddique, Ratnam, Kota Srinivasulu, Balaiah, Karampudi Subrahmanya Reddy, Gandham Sudheer Babu, Sk.Hazi, Kaku, Hari Krisna and others participated in the programme.
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