Robber Government

Indifference to people's suffering
Srikakulam: The aged woman seen in this picture is Savara Boodamma. She is not only aged but also is helpless. With rainwater leaking from the shed she lives in, she is trying to cement the sheets on the roof. Chandrababu, who had promised at the time of elections to provide good quality houses to everybody, had not done that, over not sanctioning bills for existing houses either. As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, MLA of Palakonda, Kalavathi, toured in Eguva Mettuguda, Diguva Mettuguda and other villages and inquired about people's problems. She exposed Babu's deception during the programme and assured support to the people.

Robbery under way
Kurnool (Srisailam): Robbing in the name of irrigation projects, Chandrababu was bluffing people, complained Srisailam constituency's in-charge Budda Seshareddy. Touring in Eernapadu of Bandi Atmakuru mandal, he went to every doorstep and asked people to score Chandrababu's rule. He remarked that Chandrababu was plotting conspiracy to fill his pockets through Polavaram project just like through Pattiseema scheme. He suggested people to chase away the atrocious rule of TDP.

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