People's Party Reached Every Doorstep

  • A slogan at every
    doorstep – YSR Congress
  • Huge response from
    people – Condemnation towards TDP rule
  • YSRCP explaining Babu’s
    deception at every house
  • Distribution of
    brochures with 100-point questionnaire
  • Babu earns Zero marks
    at every doorstep
  • Andhra Pradesh: YSRCP cadre are successfully taking
    Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme to every doorstep throughout the state.
    The programme launched on the birth anniversary of the legendary leader and
    former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy is receiving huge response. The party leaders
    and activists are explaining Chandrababu’s deception to people. They are giving
    them a handout with a 100-point questionnaire with the name praja ballot. As
    they are getting the result of the ballot, Chandrababu is scoring not more than
    zero at any doorstep.

    Yellow media
    flattering Babu: RK Roja

    Chittoor: YSRCP MLA of Nagari, RK Roja held
    Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress at her constituency. She explained Babu’s failure to
    the people in every household. She told them how Chandrababu had been making
    the yellow media write more than actuality about his realizing manifesto
    promises. She exclaimed that not a family was really happy under TDP rule. She
    slammed Babu for making impossible promises at the time of elections out of
    greed for power. She remarked that the Government was unable to provide good
    drainage system, roads or even bulbs for light poles. Roja condemned the
    deception that had happened to all classes including the farmers, the DWCRA
    women and the students. She cautioned Chandrababu to be ready for consequences.
    She reminded how not one of the promised houses was built. She mentioned how
    many people had come on to the road with no shelter to stay under.

    TDP’s is an anti-people Government: Dharmana

    Srikakulam: YSRCP’s general secretary Dharmana Prasad
    Rao and district president Reddy Santhi toured in Balaga area of Srikakulam
    district along with other leaders of the party as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR
    Congress programme. They are distributing handouts to the people and getting
    answers to the questions posed in the Praja ballot about how far the manifesto
    promises of TDP had been realised. Speaking on this occasion, Dharmana remarked
    that Chandrababu’s Government had totally failed in administration. He stated
    that real estate business was being done under the mask of the capital city
    construction. He stated how the promise of building good quality houses had
    been forgotten. Aarogya sree and fees reimbursement were nowhere being
    implemented, the unemployed had been shown no jobs, he stated. Dharmana
    remarked that the Government had ignored public welfare. He stated that the deception
    and the corruption of Chandrababu would be taken to the notice of people. Reddy
    Santhi spoke on the occasion to inform that the programme was meeting huge
    positive response. She commented that people were frustrated by TDP’s rule in
    the last two years. She wished for YSR’s rule to come back and his welfare
    schemes should reach people. She indicated that YSRCP would know people’s
    problems and work for their alleviation.

    Chandrababu deceiving people: Kurasala kannababu

    East Godavari: YSRCP’s president of East Godavari district,
    Kurasala Kannababu, toured in Nemam village of East Godavari, as part of
    Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme. He explained the Government’s
    anti-people ways at every doorstep. He condemned Chandrababu’s Government for
    making numerous promises prior to elections and forgetting about them later. He
    remarked that all classes of the cociety including farmers, women, the unemployed
    and labourers were deceived by the false promises made by Chandrababu. He
    commented that it had become impossible for a common man to live under TDP
    rule. He condemned the corruption being practising by the ruling party at every
    sector including sand, mud and ash. He informed that all these things would be
    taken to the notice of the people through this programme and their problems
    would be learnt. He mentioned that YSRCP would bring pressure on the Government
    for solution of people’s problems and if it did not work in the direction,
    YSRCP would do that after coming to power next. He called for everyone to make
    this programme a success.


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