People Cheated By Fake Promises

Kurnool (Emmiganuru): YSRCP's constituency in-charge, Jaganmohan Reddy, criticised that Chandrababu has gotten in to power through making fake promises to people and deceived them later. He held Gadapagadpaku YSR Congress programme in Peddakotthilki, Sanjeevapuram villages. He went from one house to another explaining about Babu's deceptive ways.
People complained to him during the programme that their ration and pension were not being sanctioned properly, their loans had not been waived as promised and their roads and drainage system were very bad. Remembering how well welfare schemes had been implemented during YSR's rule, they slammed Babu for troubling people. Speaking on this occasion, Jaganmohan Reddy called for people to teach Babu a lesson.

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