No Rice And No Pension Being Granted

Srikakulam: The women and the aged population of Kondapolavalasa expressed their agony to YSRCP BC cell state president Dharmana Krishnadas about the Government's negligence in granting pension to the deserving candidates and the deprivation of some people of their pension with political vengeance. They exclaimed if this was the meaning of impartial rule. Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme was held by Dharmana Krishnadas in the village.
Turra Aparna complained about the widows not being granted their pension. Turra Narayanamma and Devara Papamma brought to the notice of the YSRCP leaders their problems. Krishnadas commented that corruption was not only happening in the state level but also the district level and the constituency level of the Government. He criticised that a huge amount of money was reaching wrong pockets in the name of Neeru-Chettu scheme.

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