The Government Oppressing Constitutional Rights

Vajrakaroor: Pushing aside the Sarpachs elected by the people and giving away authority to Janmabhoomi Committees in the organisation of Gram Sabhas was an act of mockery towards democracy, exclaimed YSRCP MLA of Uravakonda, Y.Visweswar Reddy.
He held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Vyasapuram village. Speaking to the media on this occasion, he slammed CM Chandrababu for sitting in AC rooms and addressing the district collectors again and again, leaving people to suffer.
Condemning the way the ruling party was oppressing the rights of the Sarpanchs provided to them by the constitution, Visweswar Reddy criticised the negligence being shown by the Government in creating employment to the labourers in spite of abundance of funds under employment guarantee scheme. He also pointed out the delay in bathroom construction bills and sanction of input subsidy.
Mentioning how women's groups had been weakened under TDP rule, the MLA exposed the failure of the Government in taking relief measures for drought. He also cautioned the Government against its one-sided behaviour. Mandal president of Uravakonda, Veligonda Narasimhulu, ZPTC Tippaiah and YSRCP SC cell's state secretary Basava Raju also participated in the programme.

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