Chase Babu Away

Chittoor (Nagari): YSRCP MLA, RK Roja, commented that Chandrababu had betrayed people after making false promises and dragged them onto the roads. As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, she toured in Nagari constituency and explained about Chandrababu's deceptive ways to the people.
She inquired about people's problems and spoke on this occasion to reveal how people were narrating their problems to her. She criticised holding programmes like Janmabhoomi in vain and not solving any problems revealed in its previous phases, pushing the state further into misery. Roja remarked that the programme was being conducted with the sole aim of praising Chandrababu. 

Half of the handicapped and the aged were not receiving pension and no jobs were given as promised, Roja complained. She further went on to say that if Chandrababu spent half of the money he did on gaining publicity in the media of his favour on the poor, many of them would turn happy.
She slammed Chandrababu for boasting about finishing the projects initiated by YSR, just by giving a little money to them. Criticising the way a Dalit woman MLA had been insulted by cutting access to her microphone in a meeting, she cited that Aijayya's incident proved how much Babu looked down on Dalits. Roja called for chasing away deceptive, arrogant, corrupt Chandrababu. 
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