Chandrababu's Rule Is Tyrannical

We are unable to flourish under Babu's rule

Jupudi (Ibrahimpatnam): YSRCP's official spokesman Jogi Ramesh commented that the poor has benefited nothing from Chandrababu's rule. He toured in Jupudi as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme and inquired about people's problems. Speaking on this occasion, he remarked that Chandrababu's administration was anti-people and YSRCP should form the Government in the state in order for the welfare schemes to properly reach the deserving.

A difficult life
Srikakulam (Meliyaputti): Villagers from Ampuram, Penguwada and Banjeeru revealed their problems like unavailability of emergency medical services, not receiving pension in the old age, having to spend life in devastated houses and having to walk on rocky paths due to lack of roadways, as they spoke to Reddy Santhi, the district party president of YSRCP during Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme. Then responses were collected for Praja Ballot, the satisfaction survey about Chandrababu's administration. She assured the villagers that YSRCP would form Government in 2019 and then welfare schemes would be implemented properly under YS Jagan's tenure.

Welfare schemes not reaching the eligible
Srikakulam (Harischandrapuram): Agonised people from Harischandrapuram informed that the welfare schemes had been kept out of their reach as they had voted for YSRCP in the past elections. They blamed Janmabhoomi Comittees for the vengeful behaviour. As Perada Tilak, the additional coordinator of Tekkali constituency, held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, they narrated to him about their problems. Speaking on this occasion, he commented that Chandrababu's rule was tyrannical and recollected how nice YSR's rule had been.

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