Babu's Is Demonic Rule

Kurnool (Panyam): While YSR's rule was similar to Godly rule, Chandrababu's governance reminded of demonic rule, commented people, during Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme held at Orvakallu mandal.
Panyam MLA Gouru Charitha Reddy held the programme and went to every doorstep inquiring people about their well-being. People reported to her how they had been facing hardship due to demonetisation. People of Komarolu village complained that they had been falling prey to diseases due to bad sewage system. They took to the notice of the MLA about lack of streetlights. Speaking on this occasion, Charitha Reddy reminded how welfare schemes had been perfectly implemented during YSR's rule and how they had been neglected after Chandrababu had come to power. She called for people to bid goodbye to Babu's demonic rule.

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