Babu's Anti-People Ways

Problems reported at every doorstep
Visakhapatnam (Gajuwaka): Agony and agitation was found at every doorstep. People shared with YSRCP leaders, the pain caused to them by CM Chandrababu's anti-people ways. Coordinator of Gajuwaka constituency, Tippala Nagireddy held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme and explained Chandrababu's deception to people. Then he gathered people's responses to Praja Ballot, the satisfaction survey.

Can't the Government see people's problems?
Ranasthalam: YSRCP's coordinator Gorle Kiran Kumar complained that people were suffering under TDP Government's rule. As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, he toured in his constituency. He learnt about people's problems and spoke on this occasion to criticise that pensions were not being sanctioned in spite of being qualified. He stated how the name of a family member was being deleted every month from their account and sanction of rice was being cut down.
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