Babu's Administration Is All Deceptive

Chandrababu's defeat has been finalised in Praja Ballot. People are receiving YSRCP, the people's party with great warmth. They are offering grand welcome at every doorstep to the party that has been fighting on their behalf against the anti-people policies and ways of the Government. They are traditionally inviting the YSRCP leaders who have come to their households to care for their well-being.
Aijayya, MLA of Nandikotkuru of Kurnool district, toured in Sankirenipalli and Beeravolu of Pagidyala mandal, holding Gadapagadapaku YSR programme. He went on to listen to people's problems and assure them of YSRCP's support. People have mostly explained to him how they had been deceived by TDP's false promises. They blamed Chandrababu for ignoring their well-being and being busy in robbing them. The Praja ballot given by teh MLA to the people returned with a score of zero.
Convener of Visakhapatnam West constituency, Vijay Prasad, toured in the 67th ward and visited every household, uncovering Chandrababu's deception. Jeevan Sankar, Konapalli Satish, Daniel, Pinky Jyothi, Vasu Apparao, Nagaraju and some others participated in the programme.
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