YSRC will introduce no-trust if TD supports

YSR Congress party on Thursday said
it was willing to introduce no-confidence motion against the Congress
Government in case the recognized opposition TDP extends its support to the move.

“As a recognized
opposition party, TDP should take the initiative and introduce the
no-confidence motion to enable the assembly discuss plethora of problems
dogging the state,” Party Central Governing Council (CGC) member MV Mysoora
Reddy told media persons in Hyderabad. 

“We are ready to
support such a motion. Or else, we are ready to introduce such a motion if you
extend your support,” Mysoora Reddy asserted and asked TDP whether it was ready
to support it.

He observed it is the
responsibility of the recognized opposition party Telugu Desam to introduce
no-confidence motion to ensure that all problems being faced by the state can
be discussed at full length in the assembly.

He said it is the right
time for TDP to introduce no confidence motion as political instability is
lurking and people are suffering due to severe power crisis, hike in RTC
charges, and flare up of essential commodities. “You will not find a better
time to use no-confidence motion as a weapon and introduce it to discuss the
people’s issues in the assembly on full-fledged level,” Mysoora Reddy told TDP.

Mysoora Reddy said the
aim of no-confidence motion is not just bringing down the government. It can be
used to question the government on its failures and try to find solution to the
problems being faced by the people, he remarked.

He said YSRCP has not
enough strength to introduce no-confidence motion. “We don’t have enough
strength to do it. Neither our party is a recognized one,” he said, asking TDP
to prove its sincerity and credibility as a responsible opposition.

Mysoora Reddy has
rejected the allegations that YSRCP has been trying to use the no-confidence
threat as a tool to bring the Party president Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy out of
jail. “There is no need for us to talk to a party which will only get around 25
seats in the next Assembly Elections,” he said, adding that regional parties
will play key role at the Centre after the next General Elections.

(Updated on Nov 15,

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