YSRCP warns TDP, BJP of legal action

March 6, 2013:  YSR Congress has slammed TDP and BJP for leveling baseless
allegations against YSR family members and warned of legal action for resorting
to personal attacks for gaining political mileage.

since Sharmila’s padayatra has been getting good response among the public, the
panicky TDP has been using BJP to level false allegations against her husband
Brother Anil Kumar who is not in public life and such unethical practices
cannot be tolerated. He will not hesitate to take legal action against those
who are trying to defame YSR family members,” party leaders G Srikanth Reddy
and Jupudi Prabhakar told reporters here on Wednesday.

allegations of BJP and TDP on Brother Anil Kumar’s companies are verifiable
issues and details are available with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). On the
other hand Anil Kumar himself has rubbished the allegations, yet the two
parties are repeatedly hurling the same allegations incessantly amounts to
defaming the reputation of a private person, they said in two separate press

it the issue of owning land, or owning companies in the name of proxies,
Brother Anil Kumar has given a blow by blow reply yet the two parties have been
making it an issue repeatedly which  is not ethical by any political
standards,’ they said adding that a defamation suit will be filed soon.

Anil Kumar has also sworn by his children that he has nothing to do with the
companies but the two parties are raking day in and day out about the same
matter. The two parties are trying to link unconnected incidents to gain
political mileage, they said.

to personal attacks to gain political mileage is an undemocratic act and we
condemn the remarks of both the parties. These allegations stem out of fear
that Sharmila ‘s popularity is growing with every passing day while TDP base is
fast eroding and BJP is unable to get a foothold in the state, they said.

was Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP that has extended support to NDA government at
the Centre while we have made our stand clear that we stick to secular agenda.
While BJP leader Sushma Swaraj tells in the Parliament that YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy is being targeted by Congress for leaving the Party and CBI is being used
as a tool to harass him, the state spokesman Prabhakar speaks in a different
tone all together.

is talking the language of TDP and both have been targeting Anil Kumar who is
not in public life. This is only to defame YSR family members,” they said.

Naidu is known for manipulating affairs and there are countless allegations
against him, right from acquiring assets disproportionate to the known sources
of income and his transactions, have been questioned by many. Even his son’s
education cost came under severe criticism, so are many land transactions
involving his family members.

TDP leader should come clean of these allegations and get ready for an inquiry.
The BJP should also question its estranged partner about the assets he acquired
after entering public life.  He owned just two acres of land when he was
first elected to Assembly,’ they said.

TDP and BJP fared very badly in all the by-elections and TDP lost deposits in
many places. It is the frustration that is showing out in the allegations
against YSR family members, they said.

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