YSRCP seeks remedial steps on Babli

March 1, 2013: YSR Congress has demanded the State Government to organise an all
party delegation to the Centre to mount pressure on the Babli project.

respect the verdict and have faith in the judicial system. Keeping in view the
state interests the state should explore ways to get Godavari waters for
irrigation of the arid region,” party leaders KK Mahender Reddy and others told
reporters here on Friday.

demand that the state should take all parties into consideration and see that
the state is not lost out on Gadavari water and the State should consider
filing review petition or make efforts to take the issue to a constitutional
bench to safeguard the interests of the state.

is time to explore all possibilities to safeguard the interests of state in
wake of the apex court verdict. Cutting across all party lines, there should be
a united fight to mount pressure on Centre to pursue the issue further, they said.

leaders took strong objection to some parties trying to shift blame on YSR for
all the foolhardy steps they have taken during the nine year term and shedding
false tears.

project was conceived, designed and developed between 2000 and 2004 while
Chandababu Naidu was the chief minister. It is absurd for the TDP leaders to
raise a hue and cry now after the verdict. The party, which extended the vital
outside support to NDA government and played a key role in the Central politics
was a mute spectator while the project was being built under its nose, he said.

has been playing truant in all the major projects be it Almatti or Naryanpur
and it is allowed for the project to take shape and the arid it has been a set
back to the Telangana region, they said.

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