YSRCP’s Support For Unanimous Election

Khammam: YSRCP
president of Telangana state and MP of Khammam constituency, Ponguleti
Srinivasa Reddy extended his support to the idea of unanimous election at Paleru
constituency by-election. However, he stated that this will depend on Congress
party’s requesting all the other political parties. He reminded that while Dr.YS
Rajasekhara Reddy had been the leader of opposition of the CM of the state, he
had encouraged giving the position to one of the family members if any leader suddenly
passed away. Ponguleti mentioned that YSR Congress party gave importance and
respect to the same tradition. He proclaimed that while YSRCP would be the first
in line to encourage unanimous election at Paleru constituency if Congress
Party requested for it, it would also exhibit its valour if competition was to

explained that final decision regarding this by-election would be taken
according to the suggestion of the party president and leader of opposition in
AP, YS Jagan and the opinions of the leaders of the party.

slammed the false rumours being spread about him and MLA Payam Venkateswarlu’s
party defection. He stated that if they wanted  positions of high level
they would have earned them so long now and that they would keep up the
affection and trust that the people had bestowed on them. Ponguleti mentioned that
MLA Payam had been lured with crores of rupees and three ministers had tried to
tempt him to join TRS and put pressure on him. But he had never given in to
them. Ponguleti acclaimed Payam to be a selfless people's leader.

Position is not permanent

president of Khammam District and MLA of Pinapaka constituency, Payam Venkateswarlu
during his speech, remarked that positions used as lure were never permanent
but people's affection was. He condemned the rumours being spread about his
party defection.

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