YSRCP's questionnaire to Naidu

Hyderabad, March 17, 2014: In a counter to TDP’s
questionnaire, YSR Congress Party today shot off 15 questions to Chandrababu
Naidu and sought answers from him. Releasing the questions, party spokesperson
Vasireddy Padma said it is a must that Naidu should reply to the 15 questions
being posed to hm. The following are the questions.

1.       Why weren’t you arrested so far despite your illegalities?

2.       How did you avoid probe by CBI, ED, ROC, SFIO
and ACB? Who and which political parties did you use to avoid probe?

3.      Didn’t
you touch the feet of BJP leaders and enter into a deal with them soon after
BJP published a charge sheet in Praja (people’s) Court against                 you detailing your
100 crimes in January 1998?

4.      What
is the actual worth of properties that run into thousands of crores held by you
in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries?

5.      Is
it not true that you were hiding your illegal wealth in Singapore after looting
Seemandhra and destroying Telangana?

6.      In
your 1999 election manifesto, you said you had arranged daily flight services
between Hyderabad and Singapore. What is the worth of cash, diamonds and gold
that was daily transported to Singapore during your 9-year regime? Your family
members are wearing diamonds and other precious stones. Whose property is it?

7.       Are you ready to face probe on your relations
with Kola Krishna Mohan, Ramakrishna Goud, Telgi and Hasan Ali who were accused
in scams of lottery, fake currency, fake stamps and black money respectively?
Is it not true that you flew to Macao Islands five times for clinching black

8.      You
have turned a few persons like Sujana Chaudary, CM Ramesh, Nama Nageswara Rao
and Murali Mohan into billionaires. Do you call this an administration? Are you
ready to face probe along with them if CBI or any similar organization decides
to launch investigation against you?

9.      Are
you ready to face probe on all the foreign trips undertaken by you and your
family members from 1999 till date? Will you not be jailed in at least 10
countries and your crimes exposed if such probe takes place? Are you ready to
release without any tempering the passports held by you and your family members
and the stampings there in in the last 20 years?

10.  Are
you ready to face probe on the purchase of Balaipally lands? You sold off the very
land to your father who earlier gave it to you. Does any father feel like
having a son like you? Are you ready to face probe into the money laundering
transactions which you did in the name of your father?

11.  Isn’t
it true that you used even your mother for money laundering? Any mother would
distribute her property equally among children. You had shown revenue of crores
of rupees from your two-and-a-half acres of land. Did you plant trees to
produce Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in your lands? You
betrayed your mother by resorting to money laundering in the name of your
mother. Is it not true that you conspired with Congress and submitted letter
favoring bifurcation displaying the same betraying mind to the Telugu Talli and
Telugu people?

12.   Don’t you have the history of eating away the
money of farmers in East Godavari and Visakha districts after getting the
amounts deposited into joint account with them? Why did you obstruct the Eleru
scam probe? Isn’t it true that the joint account holding your name or your
benami names is still active? Isn’t it true that you didn’t win even a single
election in the last 15 years after robbing away the money of farmers?

13.  How
much did you get for issuing whip not to vote against the Government during the
no-confidence motion? How much did you get for making your three MPs absent in
favour of Congress in Rajya Sabha for passing the FDI bill that played with the
lives of small traders? How much money did the Congress transfer to you for
transferring TDP votes to it during the bye-elections for Narsapuram and
Ramachandrapuram seats? Where did you go and who did you meet during your Delhi
trips secretly avoiding your security?

14.  What
is the deal between you and Congress president Sonia Gandhi that was evident in
your blind following of the Congress stance over bifurcation? Did not the country
see how your party blindly followed and exhibited loyalty to the Sonia-led Congress
over the issue?

15.  The
branches of your kingdom of corruption are seen in Andhra Pradesh but their
roots are spread all over the universe.

The questionnaire also
said that if Chandrababu Naidu is a man of honesty, he would have faced the
cases courageously and reposed faith on people even if he is arrested and jailed
like Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. “Because you are not honest, you are
accustomed to hold the feet of people in power or curry favours with the
political parties or alliances coming into power. Why all this? Even the
founder of TDP the late NTR himself branded you as the most corrupt and said
you are not honest. What else punishment do you deserve? Is it not equivalent
to political life imprisonment that you did not win elections in 14 years? Is
it not true that the people, who opposed the bifurcation, are ready to hang you
politically in the ensuing elections?”

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