YSRCP will sweep the 2019 elections: Prudhvi

Popular comedian and film actor Prudhvi expressed the confidence that the YSRCP would sweep the 2019 elections. Prudhvi, who took part in the Day 213 of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra on Monday, said that the public response to the Praja Sankalpa Yatra was tremendous and this yatra is historic in every sense of the term.

On the occasion, he got his ‘My Dear Marthandam’ teaser released by YS Jagan. He said that he had participated in the yatra on the 175th day and found the same enthusiasm among the people. Rain or heat or inclement weather are not able to deter the common man from joining the yatra. He said YS Jagan was meeting the people from various sections of the society and is able to interact with them to know their problems. 

He said he can never forget the sight of the Yatra crossing the Godavari river on the Godavari road cum rail bridge. He said the people were being attracted by the ideals and the ideology of the YSRCP and are flocking to it in a big way .

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