YSRCP will Launch Agitation against Government

Vijayawada:  The Naidu government is exhibiting grudge on the Anganwadi activists, hence ordered that the jobs of those anganwadi  activists to be removed as they attempted for the invasion of camp office on 18th of this month. Government ordered a memo that those Anganwadi activists who were recognized in the videos have to be removed from their roles. To this action the Anganwadi activists reacted and fired on the government stating that they were only concerned about their demands which are to be addressed.
At the same time they warned the government to think again before attempting that as the consequences would be too heavy to bear and hence Naidu has to take back is decision immediately, otherwise, they would start a large protest. In the recent incident of  invasion of camp office, police had ruthlessly arrested the activists while taking them pushing in a horrible van and later made them to stay in the police station until late night for which the opposition parties and peoples organizations outraged on government.  

The YSR Congress Party leader RK Roja demanded the government order removing the Anganwadi workers be withdrawn. She said the party will launch agitation in support of Anganwadis if the issue was not resolved immediately.

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