YSRCP will be a force in Telangana: Jagan

Oct 8, 2014: Reaffirming that the Party will have a strong presence and will be a
force to reckon with in Telangana State in the coming four years, YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has said his sister Sharmila will continue the unfinished Oadarpu
Yatra in the name of “Paramarsa” in the new State and YSR Congress will be with
the people in both the States.  

In an
inspiring and lucid speech at the Telangana State level meeting here on
Wednesday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has put at rest the speculation of the Party’s
existence in the Telangana state and resolutely said that in the coming four
years, the anti-incumbency will build up against the TRS government and YSRCP
will be the main challenger.  

unfulfilled desire of completing the Odarpu Yatra in Telangana region will be
taken up by Sharmila and it will be called Paramarsa (Courtesy call) as
it is five years since YSR has died. He has appointed Khammam MP, P Srinivas
Reddy as Working President of the Party in Telangana State and has said
Sharmila will work with him to strengthen the Party.  

Having a
dig at Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Narender Modi, he
said: “When these people who do not know the language and the local dynamics
are vying to gain political space in Telangana, how can YSR Congress shy away
from its responsibility. We shall all work together and the Party will be
strengthened with the Working President and Sharmila touring the State,” he said.  

region has benefitted most with YSR welfare schemes and there were more deaths
after his death in this new state which clearly shows that YSR has a good
following in Telangana. We will carry forward the legacy of YSR, will be with
the people, fight for their cause and with the cooperation of the masses we
will emerge as force in the State, Sharmila said.  

meeting coincided with the birth anniversary of Komaram Bheem, the tribal
leader who fought against the rulers of his time in Telangana.  

his motivational speech, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said: “Visualizing the situation
four years from now, it will be the YSRCP flag that will be fluttering all the
way in both the States. It may take some time for the anti-incumbency factor to
sink in the Telangana while in Andhra Pradesh the mood of dissent has already
set in with the Chandrababu Naidu facing flak in his style of governance and
his incessant lies. 

is the common factor in both the States and the leaders who are leaving our
Party should think of what will happen to them four years down the lane when
the greener pasture becomes stagnant and unimpressive in the view of the
people. It is the people’s power that will bring a Party to power and not the
turncoats, whatever tag they carry with them.  

back, four years ago, the Party had one MLA and one MP. Now the strength has
swelled and it will grow further as we have credibility and have shown that we
honour our commitments. Chandrababu Naidu has miserably failed to keep up his
word and in the coming days people will realize more.  

He is
cutting down the welfare schemes to match the meager budgetary allocations and
very soon our Party will be patronized as we are with the people, he said.  

To know
the people and their problems one has to spend time with them. I have learned a
lot during my Odarpu Yatra and I had seen people’s suffering from close
quarters which brought a change in me. I hope Srinivas Reddy and Sharmila too
will interact with people of Telangana and know their way of life and
shortcomings, he said.

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