YSRCP throws the gauntlet

Aug 9, 2013: Throwing the gauntlet, YSR Congress has said Chief Minister N Kiran
Kumar Reddy should quit office and the Party if the High Command has taken the
decision of division without his knowledge and at the same he should shun from
weak arguments like YSR has initiated the division process.

YSR was in power the issue of division never came up as he was a strong leader.
When the state leadership turned weak, the political scenario has changed. If
the Chief Minister says that the decision on the division was taken without his
knowledge he should quit his post and resign from the party as his presence has
become irrelevant,” Deputy Floor leader Bhuma Sobha Nagi Reddy told reporters
here on Friday.

days after the announcement was made the Chief Minister wakes up from his
slumber as starts speaking the language of a common man and poses questions on
the consequences arising out of the division in terms of water sharing, capital
and power.

Chief Minister, who made many trips to Delhi and was closeted with the top
brass of his Party, now telling the media about the apprehensions is raw
political opportunism. If he would plead ignorance that he has no knowledge of
the developments and was not aware of the decision before it was announced, he
was not taken into confidence by the Party and morally he should quit.

Chief Minister, who spoke at length on the problems arising out of the
division, should have presented his view point to the High Command and stalled
the decision. When BJP leader Sushma Swaraj could tell to her party state
president G Kishen Reddy that a decision on Telangana is being taken, the Chief
Minister cannot plead ignorance of such an important issue,” she said.

Singh has set the tone of blaming YSR for the division and the Chief Minister
had caught up with it as he had no proper answer as to why the process could
not be stalled.

YSR was at the helm of affairs, there was no talk of a separate state as he was
a strong leader and could handle difficult situations with deft statesmanship.
In 2009, YSR went on record telling TRS floor leader that your party has went
to polls on separate state slogan while I went to people on the development
plank.  Eventually Congress won more seats than TRS in the region.

ideologue Prof Jaishankar said after the death of YSR that a major hurdle to
the separate statehood has passed away. Even KCR was of the same view. The
letter which P Chinna Reddy gave to Sonia Gandhi was the opinion of a group of
MLAs and YSR was not a party to it,” she said.

state is witnessing a bizarre situation where the Chief Minister and Opposition
leader have reversed their roles. While the Chief Minister is speaking like an
opposition leader, Chadnrbabu Naidu started speaking in terms of a new state
capital, she said.

that the Party has given a letter to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde raising
the consequences arising out of the division, including water sharing, capital
and power, she said, Chief Minister has been telling the same things now.

Congress decision is only to counter the rapid growth of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
popularity, she said adding that there is no clarity on whether AK Antony
Committee is a Party appointed one or a Government appointed one.

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