YSRCP smells rat in Kia car company deal

Anatapur: Expressing doubts over Kia cars deal, YSRCP Anantapur district YSRCP president Sankaranarayana questioned the propriety in government spending Rs.177 crore from exchequer for land development. He visited the land allotted to the North Korea based Kia car manufacturing company along with other party leaders. Speaking on the occasion, the YSRCP leader observed that the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu prefers personnel benefits to his son and concerned minister to public interest in every deal. 

He said that the government had acquired 600 acres of land from the farmers at Rs.10.5 lakh per acre and spending Rs.177 crore on land development. Suspecting some hidden hand in it, the YSRCP leader demanded the government to repay the development amount Rs.29 lakh per acre to the farmers, if chief Minister has  any concern for the farmers.

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