YSRCP rubbishes poll survey, calls it sham

Hyderabad, April 2, 2014:
Rubbishing the latest poll survey which was carried out by a national media
house, YSR Congress said it has no sanctity and it seems to be conducted only
to project TDP though a magnifying glass without going into the ground

“The size of the sample
shows that the survey carried out by CNN-IBN-Lokniti-CSDS has taken a very
small size and has taken up the exercise only to project TDP and Chandrababu
Naidu. The credibility of the channel is at stake as the survey has many
loopholes,” party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on

The survey has taken just
1,200 as sample size which is too small to carry out the exercise and
psephologists would be aghast at the manner it was conducted.

Nelson ORG Marg has earlier
conducted a similar survey and has taken the sample size as 50,000 and has
concluded that YSRCP wave is sweeping across the state. We are not supportive
of one survey nor opposing the other but only questioning the rationale of the
sample size of CNN-IBN survey, he said.

“We are not against any
surveys and we know the pulse of the people and the direction in which the wind
is blowing and it is contrary to the survey figures and percentages.

We are forced to say that
the survey is nothing but juggling of figures as it has given 14% of votes to
others without specifying them The others in the fray are Jana Sena of Pawan
Kalyan, who is not sure whether he would contest or not. Lok Satta, CPI and CPM
all put together will come to 4.4 %. Where from the 14 % of others has come is
not specified and it is superfluous as that much percentage swing would give a
landslide victory,” he said.

 Senior Journalist P
Sainath, former Press Secretary to Prime Minister Sanjay Baru had rejected the
CNN-IBN survey and expressed contrasting opinions live, he said. “The survey
figures do not match to ground realities they said on the show.” CNN-IBN
surveys were never close to reality and there were huge variations in the past,
he said.

TDP is going down on its
knees to have a tie-up with BJP as it has no strength of its own to at least put
up a fight in this election.

The Party SC Cell Convenor,
Nalla Suryaprakash, who also addressed the media, flayed TDP leader P Kesavulu
for his highhanded behaviour against a dalit family in his constituency. The
imminent defeat of TDP has brought in insecurity and restlessness among the
party leaders; he said adding that no case was booked against the TDP leader
for the attack. Dalits will not take things lying low like in Karamchedu and
the consequences will be severe, he said.

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